I'm Not receiving BidGemmer email notifications, what can I do?

Modified on Tue, 7 Mar, 2023 at 11:52 AM

BidGemmer sends notification emails to inform you of events such as event invitations, bid confirmations, viewing appointments, announcements, and event results. You will also receive an email when you first sign up through BidGemmer, or when you need to verify your identity for security purposes.

If you notice that you're not receiving BidGemmer emails, follow the troubleshooting steps below to confirm that your BidGemmer notifications, email inbox, and allowlisting settings are correct.

If emails sent from BidGemmer are resulting in bounces or landing in your SPAM/junk folder, you can adjust your spam filter settings to improve deliverability. Most spam filters allow you to allowlist a sender by adding their domain or IP address.

Check your BidGemmer notification settings

Confirm that you've toggled each email switch on for any specific email notifications you want to receive, or click to toggle the email switch under Your Profile - Settings to receive all notifications in your inbox.

Search your email inbox for BidGemmer notifications

If you haven't received a BidGemmer notification email for several minutes, your email provider might be automatically filtering your notifications. You can try searching your inbox for postmaster@mail.bidgemmer.com to find any existing notifications that may have been moved.

Check your email inbox settings

Based on the email client you're using, you may need to update certain settings to ensure emails from BidGemmer aren't getting filtered out of your inbox. If you're expecting to receive a signup, notification, or verification email from BidGemmer and nothing appears in your inbox, check your spam or junk folders to see if your email provider mistakenly filtered them out of your main inbox. 

If you're using Microsoft Outlook, you can follow the steps below to confirm that BidGemmer emails are not being quarantined, or that they're being sent to your Focused Inbox, if you've enabled it.

Release quarantined BidGemmer emails in your Outlook inbox or Office 365 account

Office 365 and Outlook may quarantine BidGemmer notification emails automatically. To fix this issue, you should check your quarantined messages and release any BidGemmer emails from quarantine. Navigate to the Quarantine section in your Office 365 Security and Compliance Center, then follow these instructions to move any BidGemmer emails back to your inbox.

Move BidGemmer emails into your Focused Inbox in Microsoft Outlook

If you've enabled Focused Inbox for Microsoft Outlook, it's possible that Outlook may be filtering out emails from BidGemmer. To fix this issue, you can follow these steps in Microsoft's documentation.

Set up allowlisting

If you've checked your BidGemmer notification settings and confirmed your email client isn't filtering BidGemmer emails, then you may need to work with your IT team to update your allowlist or add BidGemmer as a "safe sender". If you're using a free email provider such as Gmail, you can find allowlisting instructions in their help documentation.

Allowlist BidGemmer email addresses

The following is a complete list of email addresses BidGemmer uses for internal email notifications:

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