CSV Upload - Changes & Modifications

Modified on Thu, 12 Jan, 2023 at 12:13 PM

CSV Upload - Version 2

Different CSV files

In previous version 1 of CSV upload, we supported the same columns for uploading inventory and lot together or separated in the same way. In version 2 of CSV upload we have divided the upload mechanism into 2 different cases: Upload for Inventory, and Upload for Lots (under events / viewings).

CSV upload for inventory is used under the inventory management screen and is ignoring all columns that might be associated with lots (e.g. lot number, lot reserve price, lot start price). Please read Import Inventory File article for more information.

CSV upload for lots is used under the events / viewings pages to upload a catalog. This upload is similar to inventory upload with added columns for lot information. Please read Import Lots File article for more information.

Combined Stage and Type fields

Another major change in version 2 is the removal of the column Stage. Prior to the new version, we used to divide stage (rough / polish) and type (ruby, diamond, etc) into 2 separate attributes, which correlated with 2 separate columns in the CSV file. From version 2, we only use the Type column which is a combination of stage and type into 1 field, and therefore only 1 column in the CSV as well.

The following are examples of how the values of the Type column are changed:

Version 1 (Stage  column + Type column) - OLDVersion 2 (Type column) - NEW
Stage = rough, Type = diamondrough_diamond
Stage = polish, Type = diamondpolish_diamond
Stage = rough, Type = rubyrough_ruby
Stage = polish, Type = rubypolish_ruby
Stage = rough, Type = emeraldrough_emerald
Stage = polish, Type = emeraldpolish_emerald

New Code Field

We introduced a new field for inventory items and lots called "Code". This field is an internal non-unique code for identification, mainly used for barcode scanners and quick search capabilities.

For inventory items, the CSV is expected to have a column named "code".

For lots, the CSV is expected to have a column named "lot_code".

Both columns are expected to be numeric values, our recommendation is at least 7 digits long (not required).

Note: in case you do not specify the "code" (for inventory items) or "lot_code" (for lots) columns the system will automatically generate a 7-digits code.The code can always be modified manually by editing the inventory item or the lot respectively.


The following list is a summary that contains changes from the previous columns of version 1 to new columns in version 2. Any columns that are not mentioned below have not changed and will continue to function the same.

V1 Column (OLD)V2 Column (NEW)Notes
typetypecombination of the previous Stage and Type columns into the new Type column (e.g. rough_diamond)
stage(removed)stage was combined together with type column
lot_number / lot_id / number / idlot_number / lot_id / numberNOT available when uploading CSV of inventory
lot_description / description

Split to 2 cases:

  • description - for inventory item description (inner item)
  • lot_description - for lot description
description column is ONLY for inventory. for lot description, you must use the lot_description column
lot_reserve_price / reserve_price

Split to 2 cases:

  • reserve_price - for inventory item level reserve price
  • lot_reserve_price - for lot  level reserve price

reserve_price column is ONLY for inventory. for lot reserve price you must use the lot_reserve_price column
lot_start_price / start_price


NOT available when uploading CSV of inventory
-lot_code NEWInternal non-unique code for identification. Used for barcode scanners.

ONLY available when uploading CSV of lots
-codeNEWInternal non-unique code for identification. Used for barcode scanners.

ONLY available when uploading CSV of inventory items

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